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Can America survive without the United States Postal Service?

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Excerpt from Essay: United States Postal Service (USPS) is an independent body of the federal government that is mandated with the responsibility of providing postal service in America. The agency was known as the U.S. Post Office Department in 1971 when it was totally managed by the United States government. In addition to be referred to as.

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New Postal Service Exam 473-E Study Guide Strategies and Techniques for Scoring High Hello future postal employees, Congratulations! Purchasing this study guide most likely indicates you want to pursue a career with the Postal Service. In my opinion, you’ve made an excellent choice. As a retiree of the Postal Service, I can tell you it’s an honorable and solid career. At the end of your.

Essay Postal Service

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According to the postal rule, “when acceptance is communicated by post, the contract is formed as soon as the letter is sent, without need for it ever to reach the offeror.” This essay will focus on whether the postal rule is “redundant” in modern contract law. In order to do so, there will be a discussion on why it should or should not be applied in modern communication technology.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of DR-CAFTA to Honduran firms? To Honduras as a nation? Should free trade be extended throughout Latin America via the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)?

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The United States Postal Service, formed in Philadelphia in 1775, is responsible for the transportation and delivery of the postal services to the American citizens. Its formation led to the appointment of Benjamin Franklin as the first General Postmaster of the USPS. Since its formation, the postal service has operated with the aim of satisfying the customers and uniting them despite the.

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First is the postal analogy, the messages sent in emails can be argued are same with postal acceptances. Email is actually sent when the user clicked on the send button. If postal rule is applied, then the acceptance would be binding the time the message was sent. Another approach is by using the receipt rule or an actual communication. This is due to that in email, the sender will know if his.

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In the practical implication of the postal rule today, it is easier to prove that a letter of acceptance has been sent than to prove whether it has been received or reached the attention of the offeror. The postal rule was established around the 19th century, as can be seen in the case of Adam v Lindsell. The fact of the case in brief; the.

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Moreover, after the introduction of the postal in Abu Dhabi by the then British postal administration, the formal recognition of postal and postage stamps in Abu Dhabi region of UAE was ushered, which set the stage in tune for all that development process of postal communication to take roots. Aftermath, the process of postal and its introduction following the year 1961 in Abu Dhabi, the.

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United States Postal Service Essay Examples. 8 total results. An Analysis of Future Issues Arising for Canada Post Corporation. 2,294 words. 5 pages. An Introduction to the United States Postal Service. 950 words. 2 pages. An Illustration of the Possible Solutions For an Overburdening Problem That Exists in the U.S. Postal Service Operations Through the Country. 2,013 words. 4 pages.

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The Nigerian Postal Service, abbreviated as Nipostis a government-owned and operated corporation, is the Nigerian postal administration responsible for providing postal services in Nigeria. It has more than 20,000 employees and runs more than 5,000 post offices. The courier sector in Nigeria has been seen as one with great potentials which, if properly harnessed is capable of making more.

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Postal Service. Question 1. Submit Essay 2: Case Study Analysis. Compose a 3 page analysis which identifies, differentiates, and discusses the managerial aspects and leadership aspects of the US Postal Service transformation. Also, consider the application of strategic management techniques employed in the transformation process. This is a formal writing assignment and will be graded as such.

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